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About AACCofSJ

Our Mission

The African American Chamber of San Joaquin Foundation (AACCofSJ) was incorporated to promote commerce and industry for the advancement of economic vitality within the African American community. One of the best ways to make this happen is to grow our membership base that will create influence within the community. We have set our sights on promoting economic and professional development of Black-owned businesses and professions, thus enhancing the quality of life in our community. You are being offered an opportunity to support the Chamber by becoming a member. Your membership contributes to making the vision of economic prosperity become a reality.

This membership leads to the creation of power in numbers. Collectively, we will be able to address issues that negatively affect the business environment and the working professionals. In addition, this will set up a support group for anyone that is in need of assistance, and that has a desire of starting a new business environment and working professions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to remain consistent with this nation's rich African American history of success, and to promote and improve the general welfare prosperity and the interconnectedness of the Valley's communities of African descent. We will also continue to strive to provide valuable tools, protect the rights, and improve the profit margin of all businesses serving our community and others. By doing this and working together, we can continue to build a network, assure the prosperity of black businesses and the African American community, and make San Joaquin a world-class region, while also being the premier Chamber of Commerce in the City.

Our Program Direction

The growth and development of Black Chambers of Commerce is a core focus of the state. We leverage our role as a member of a national organization by providing technical assistance and leadership training to Chamber members. We assist with the strategic coordination of Black Chambers and facilitate the sharing of the best practice and industry's data for our members. By doing this, we utilize a variety of mechanisms including training, web- based tools, peer networking, coaching and information sharing of products.

Our Goal

The goal of the AACCofSJ is rooted in the belief that a prosperous African American community fosters a safe nurturing environment to raise our children, own homes, businesses and contribute to the overall well-being of Stockton/San Joaquin County. As an alliance of Black/African American businesses owners, we are committed in advancing the economic agenda of the African American community.

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